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  • + 1) What Is energy bar?
  • It is relatively new concept in today’s busy world. As working people are busy in daily chore, they hardly get time for planned meals. In that case some ‘No junk food ‘which gives energy readily is preferred. It is provided in a bar form.

  • + 2) What Is protein bar?
  • When energy bar contains high amount of Proteins, it is called Protein Bar.

  • + 3) When should one consume CHOCOGRAIN / CHOCOMAGIC Bar?
  • It is not a medicine to be taken on scheduled time. It is no junk / healthy food which can be consumed whenever you feel hungry, when you don’t get any option for proper meal e.g. travelling or evening snack etc. It is basically to divert you from indulging into consumption of junk food like wada, samosa, pizza, burger etc.

  • + 4) can we substitute it for breakfast / lunch / dinner?
  • It is not advisable to replace any of these three meals everyday. But once in a while you can do that. Once you eat the CHOCOGRAIN /CHOCOMAGIC bar and drink water, you will not feel hungry for atleast two hrs., as experienced by many.

  • + 5) CHOCOGRAIN is made up of what? which flavours are avialable?
  • It is made up of flour of Whole Wheat, Green Moong, Groundnuts, Sesame, Jaggery and very small amount of Pure Cow Ghee. To add the taste and flavor cocoa solids and dark chocolate is used. Available flavours are Ginger- Elaichi, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Black Pepper.

  • + 6) CHOCOMAGIC is made up of what? which flavours are avialable?
  • It is made up of Jawar, Bajara, Ragi / Nachani, Sesame, Jaggery and some amount of pure cow ghee. To enhance taste, cocoa solids are added. Available flavors are Orange, Lemon, Caramel and Coffee.

  • + 7) what is peculiarity of chocograin and chocomagic bar?
  • You can notice that all ingredients are locally produced / available. No hi-fi things are used. It is mix of Grains, Pulses, Oil seeds. Also no artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives are added. The flavors used for Chocograin are natural. For Chocomagic flavors used are Nature Identical. Along with calories and proteins it gives iron and calcium to some extent and contains good amount of fiber. It can be stored at room temperature, has 90 days shelf life and can carry anywhere.

  • + 8) why should it be preferred over cakes, biscuits, pastries etc?
  • All these bakery items contain Maida, Sugar and Hydrogenated oil / Dalda/ Lad(Animal fat). All these three ingredients are harmful. In Chocograin and Chocomagic none of this is used. We use whole grain flour instead of maida, Jaggery instead of sugar and Pure cow Ghee instead of Dalda. Jaggery and Pure cow ghee are known to have plenty of health benefits. While whole grain satisfies hunger, both whole grains and oil seeds like groundnut, sesame gives calories / energy.

  • + 9) why should it be preferred over friend snacks?
  • Fried snacks contain LDL / VLDL Cholesterol and Transfats which are harmful to health. While Chocograin and Chocomagic are Cholesterol and Transfat free.

  • + 10) can we give these bars to children?
  • In fact we would recommend it strongly and from early childhood itself, so that children will recognize it as confectionery and will be happy as no restrictions on eating like that on sweets / chocolates. Added benefit is that of protein content in both types and calcium content especially in Chocomagic.

  • + 11) can we give it to aged people?
  • Yes, you can. As it does not have maida which is difficult to digest. Its consistency is soft so can easily bite and gives good energy and fiber in small portion. Chocomagic has good calcium content too, which has added benefit.

  • + 12) can it be beneficial to sports person?
  • It is not protein bar but it gives approx.4 to 5 Gm protein per bar and approx. 200 Kcals per bar. One can consume as per need.

  • + 13) can it be given to diabetic person?
  • Yes, but only one at a time and only when actually hungry. The whole grain content and jaggery due to their fiber content cause slow release of sugar in blood, so sudden rise in blood sugar is avoided.

  • + 14) can it be given to pregnant woman?
  • Yes, we can give it. In fact it will be good energy source in second and third trimester when healthy calories are needed in more quantity. Also no preservatives, give added benefit.

  • + 15) can we give it to sick person?
  • If medically there is no restrictions on oral feeds then one can definitely offer it. Its calories, proteins, minerals, fiber will be beneficial in good recovery.

In short it is modern twist to good old recipes, so one should JUST EAT Chocograin /Chocomagic and enjoy the benefits!